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Clive Christian 150th Anniversary Collection

Clive Christian celebrates the milestone anniversary of 150 years since the founding of the Crown Perfumery Company with the launch of two new limited edition perfumes: Timeless & Contemporary.

The new fragrances celebrate creativity, craftsmanship, concentration, complexity and a dedication to using only the finest ingredients.


Two limited edition perfumes have been crafted to celebrate Clive Christian’s unique heritage in perfumery, spanning 150 years since the Crown Perfumery Company was founded in 1872.

It was in the same year that their most famous patron, Queen Victoria, granted the use of the likeness of her crown on the bottles.

The Crown Perfumery continued to gain devotees across the elite circles of London and Europe, and by 1879 was exporting half a million bottles of 49 different scents to 47 different countries.

In 1999 the Crown Perfumery was restored as Clive Christian Perfume, honouring the craft and tradition of Haute perfumery and bringing back to life scents that are fit to wear a crown.

Timeless & Contemporary express not just Clive Christian’s heritage but also celebrates its prestigious status as a leading perfume house, renowned globally for creating the finest perfumes in the world.

The Anniversary Collection Bottle

The Anniversary Collection bottles are presented in the signature green of the Crown Perfumery Company, with an ornate silver decoration are taken from the antique hand crafted silver cages that adorned the antique bottles of the Crown Perfumery Company’s signature Lavender Salts.

As with all Clive Christian scents, the bottles are topped with the crown of Queen Victoria, patron of the Crown Perfumery Company and a magnificent symbol of timeless British excellence and elegance.

The Crown Perfumery was established in 1872 in London, and this was the year the Queen graciously gave her permission to use the royal crown on its bottles, a signature feature ever since that is still seen today on every bottle of Clive Christian perfume.

Timeless and Contemporary Perfumes

Celebrating the past and future of the Clive Christian brand, the 150th Anniversary Collection captures the finest ingredients and techniques to shape each perfume's scent perfectly.

Both perfumes look to the past and the future in their composition, as much inspired by archive perfumes as by modern perfumery techniques and discoveries.

With a signature perfume oil inclusion of 25% and outstanding complexity of over 150 of the finest ingredients, these new perfumes promise magic and allure in equal measure.

The woody citrus perfume of Timeless fuses the refreshing elements of Ginger, Lime and Bitter Orange with sensual rich notes of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Patchouli.

Contemporary is an aromatic fougere perfume, abundant with herbaceous notes from Sage and Lavender and warming aromatic spices such as Nutmeg and Pepper.

Timeless Perfume

Timeless presents a modern interpretation of a classic Victorian cologne: a refreshing and bright perfume alive with the spice of ginger, sparkling lime and classic English lavender, the latter a nod to the heritage of the Crown Perfumery Company and their signature Lavender Smelling Salts. The warm base of musk, amber and leather anchors those top notes to keep the freshness and longevity on the skin.

The core citrus character of Bitter Orange and Lime is deepened by smoky, rich Vetiver in the base notes as well as creamy and sensual Sandalwood and earthy Patchouli to produce an invigorating, spicy Woody Citrus perfume with richness, warmth, elegance and depth.

This 25% perfume contains 203 of the finest perfume ingredients to create an elegant blend, not often seen in this style of scent. Due to the complexity, concentration and composition of these ingredients the flighty top notes are anchored to the skin for an impression on the skin that lasts over eight hours.

Timeless is, indeed, timeless in its makeup. Classic qualities are reimagined in a modern style by Clive Christian’s master perfumers.

Contemporary Perfume

Contemporary is an interesting Aromatic Fougère perfume, a highly complex perfume that brings enjoyment to the wearer with its dance of ingredients and a prolonged journey on the skin.

The fougère aspect is cool, green and fresh, highlighted by geranium, lavender and herbaceous notes.

This contrasts with the warmth from the juicy hedgerow berry top notes alongside spicy nutmeg, black pepper, aromatic cedarwood and a bracing single malt with a hint of leather. Earthy moss gives a pleasing finish to this Aromatic Fougere perfume.

This juxtaposition of cold and warm creates an interesting journey on the skin, and the secret signature flourish that is so indicative of a Clive Christian perfume. Like most perfumes from Clive Christian it is not gender specific, and is designed to stand outside of time, whilst also moving forward with new trends and traditions.

This 25% perfume contains 203 of the finest perfume ingredients to create a beguiling blend. It takes a master perfumer to balance this level of complexity and concentration of ingredients to create a true masterpiece.


This striking pair express 150 years of heritage across both the Crown Perfumery Company and Clive Christian brands, celebrating the Timeless elegance of Queen Victoria’s favourite perfumier, and the Contemporary techniques and global appeal of Clive Christian today.

Clive Christian perfumes pay homage to the heritage of the Crown Perfumery Company and are an ode to the art of true perfumery: a strand of history from the past, reaching into the future.

Discover more about the Anniversary Collection and lose yourself in the Timeless, Contemporary world of Clive Christian.