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Capturing moments of history in perfume form, The Noble Collection is a celebration of key eras of architectural, artistic and horticultural importance within Britain. Taking the wearer back in time, each perfume pair within this collection draws inspiration from some of the most influential and defining periods of time.

As we invite you along this journey, become lost in the decadent and sparkling world of Art Deco, the flourishing florals of Queen Anne and the charming romance of the Rococo era with a myriad of notes to artfully tell each story.

Sourcing some of the most precious and notable ingredients from each era, the perfumes within the Noble Collection are magnificently complex in both structure and scope.

Each perfume pair captures a defining period of time, paying tribute to its importance with a unique and modern exploration into each era through the world of fragrance.

Focusing on a key ingredient and theme of each era, these perfumes are of true noble birth as they promise magic and magnetism in equal measures to transport you to a different moment in time.

Read on to discover more about each alluring perfume within the Noble Collection. Which era will you choose to be transported to?


Symbolic eras of profound importance, both artistically and culturally, made a mark on the world of British design and Clive Christian's Noble perfumes bear the hallmarks of these character defining eras with poise and style.

Paying tribute to these key moments in time The Noble Collection transports the wearer back in time to capture each eras atmosphere, bringing the essence of each period to the present day with a modern twist.

Made up of three perfume pairs the collection spans three eras, representing the decadence, nobility and provenance seen throughout history. From the flourishing beauty of Queen Anne period, into the charming romance of Rococo to the blazing decadence of Art Deco, the Noble Collection tells a story from the past in perfume.


This perfume pair is inspired by the beauty of the Queen Anne gardens and the botanical riches discovered within this captivating era.

Each perfume captures the botanical inspiration and seductive blooms from these period gardens, bringing them together to create richly aromatic blends that blossom on the skin.


Paying homage to the exoticism of the flower, the Cosmos Flower perfume from the Queen Anne pair is a celebration of flourishing florals that bloomed in the exquisite and decorative gardens.

The perfume of Cosmos Flower is beautifully unique, explored through 223 ingredients that evoke an unexpected depth not typically found in the fruity gourmande family and capturing an intense warmth that is elevated by fruity and floral notes.

Originating in Mexico, the Cosmos Flower blooms only twice every year and is considered to be 'the flower of love'.

This perfume embodies the rich chocolatey aroma of the cosmos flower with added lashings of natural cocoa in the heart to bring out a creamy and charming character.

This bittersweet cocoa collides with zesty lemon, caramel and creamy benzoin for a touch of seduction whilst sparkling pink pepper adds a warming delight to keep the perfume alive.


The powerfully fragrant perfume of Rock Rose is a modern interpretation of a classic leather fougere that is crafted with a complex and intriguing blend of 202 ingredients.

With refreshing top notes of bergamot, black pepper and the classic cologne touch of neroli, this perfume creates a fresh and balanced first impression whilst a lavender infused heart blended with violet and herbs brings an added freshness.

The resinous character of the Rock Rose was prized by British nobility during the Queen Anne period where it was imported in from the banks of the Mediterranean.

Known as the 'King of Spices" golden saffron sits in a warm and sophisticated base, infusing a spicy facet that is loved by men and women all over the world.


With its delightful and playful style, the Rococo era forms the story behind this charming pair of perfumes.

Capturing a suitably romantic and delightful period of history these two perfumes explore herbaceous and sumptuous notes that glisten to tell a captivating story of a blissful dream from the past.


Noble VII Magnolia delights, taking the wearer back to the fresh femininity of the Rococo period where characteristic pink hues adorned each and every surface.

Discovered in the East and loved throughout the Rococo period for its aphrodisiac qualities, the classic elegance of Magnolia is alive with a rebellious spark of the era through sweet notes of wild cassis for a playful character. Captured through 223 delectable ingredients, our Magnolia perfume radiates a floral dance with a 25% concentration.

Powerful, green, and delightfully fresh, the wild Cassis adds a tropical, fruity note when blended with the blooming floral heart of Magnolia, Rose and Jasmine.

These romantic notes unravel to reveal a delectable base of vanilla, sandalwood and mysterious oakmoss, telling a story that unfolds into the depth of the night.

Celebrating the delicate nature of the Magnolia Flower and inspired by chinoiserie, this playful and floral perfume embodies the art and fashion of the Rococo period with a seductive frivolity laced throughout.


Immortelle captures a spicy fougere aroma that effortlessly recreates memories of a playful grandeur seen throughout the Rococo period.

Bright and sparkling top notes of the Italian citrus, bergamot, introduces this perfume with a fresh and lively note that has warming hints echoed throughout. Sitting at the heart the everlasting Immortelle Flower, a name which was given to this unique flower as its vibrant golden petals never seem to fade, not even when dried.

This herbaceous fragrance with a 25% concentration combines 187 ingredients with juniper, fiery black pepper and geranium to awaken layers hidden deep in the perfume of Indian sandalwood, musky papyrus and smoky vetiver that adds a sophisticated base.

Blended in an olfactory aura that evokes woody undertones, Clive Christian's Magnolia perfume posses an elegant depth of character, reminiscent of the smell of freshly polished mahogany furniture- loved throughout the era and embodying the concept of grandiose.


Bold and energetic in style the Art Deco era is symbolic of the sparkling decadence that is captured in this brilliant perfume pair. Telling the romantic and dynamic story of the Art Deco period and the excitement of the Roaring 20's, these two perfumes celebrate the precious Art Deco material of Amber.


Warming aromas encapsulate Blonde Amber, filling the room with a blend of spiced aromatic notes, artfully telling a story of Art Deco romance.

Flourishing florals of tuberose, jasmine and osmanthus intertwine with a bold and enigmatic Amber that diffuses hints of smoky spice throughout the perfume. With a 25% concentration and blended with 219 of the finest ingredients, Blonde Amber explores an explosion of Baies rose, bitter orange and ginger in the top notes whilst Blonde Tobacco dances underneath for a sultry heart.

Threads of vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood and tonka are laced throughout the base of Blonde Amber bringing an alluring elegance to the wearer that embodies the glistening atmosphere of the Art Deco era. A truly indulgent blend that captures an energetic Amber.


A smooth, translucent and sophisticated Amber is celebrated in Amberwood, a modern take of an amber (or ambergris) style perfume that is brought to life with twists of fresh notes.

Enhanced with rich and opulent woods, Amberwood brings the glorious decadence of the Art Deco era to life with bright notes of sage and bergamot to lift the aroma, reminiscent of sparkling chandeliers and flutes of bubbling champagne.

Fresh green tones linger underneath with silvery sage shining through to create a beguiling blend that echoes the romantic and dynamic story of the Art Deco period.

This opulent perfume has a 25% concentration and contains 145 of the finest perfume ingredients.

Capturing a design style from the 1920's, the Art Deco era reflected boundless celebrations that radiated warmth and passion: this excitement has been captured through the key ingredient of Amber that diffuses a light glow throughout this perfume.