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The passionate story of Cleopatra and Marc Antony is the inspiration behind Clive Christian’s exquisite X perfumes. A shared heart in both perfumes creates the ultimate perfumed love affair.

The exquisite and seductive scents of the X pair are inspired by one of the most scandalous and passionate love stories of all time, the beguiling queen of Egypt Cleopatra and the ruling Roman soldier Marc Antony are renowned for their dramatic love affair. Legend has it that Cleopatra dipped her sails in perfume before sailing out to meet Marc Antony, the scent of the exotic flowers on the breeze bewitching him before he had even met the infamous queen. Their love was so strong it caused Marc Antony to forget everything he knew back in Rome, giving up his power, his family and his country all for the beautiful Egyptian queen. Egypt can in some ways be seen to be the birthplace of fragrance from the “kyphi”, an ancient incense used in sacred practices. Depictions of the Egyptians using perfume have been found in the temple of Thebes from 1275BC.

Known as a commander of ships and hearts alike Cleopatra was a bold and sensual woman, the perfect inspiration for the most seductive perfume in the Clive Christian portfolio. A vibrant fruity chypre with energy and poise, the mysterious elements of a chypre including oakmoss, musks and bergamot weaving from top to base creating a deep connection with the wearer. Chypre perfumes (pronounced sheep-ra) gain their name from the island of Cyprus, the birth place of Aphrodite, its history itself harks back to Roman times, the perfect category for this sensuous perfume with its flirtatious fruity top notes from peach and rhubarb, its deep floral heart and vanilla spiced base. Cleopatra was the original beauty queen, bathing in donkey’s milk to keep her skin clear, soft and beautiful; the halls of her palace were half a metre deep in rose petals and her iconic jet black khol has been enviously recreated over the centuries. Whilst it is likely Cleopatra would have had bespoke perfumes made especially for her recent research uncovered the secrets hidden for years in a bottle of perfume found in an archaeological site. The richness of myrrh meeting with cardamom, cinnamon and olive oil, almost all of which can be found in the modern X Pair.

Seen as the maverick of his day Marc Antony was known for his bold personality. What better perfume to compliment his character than X Masculine, a hot bolt of ginger and pink pepper with green cardamom, offset by a warm and floral heart settling into a woody, warm and smokey base with oakmoss, vetiver and cedarwood. These perfumes share key heart ingredients, the ultimate perfumed dedication, the voluptuous muskiness of Egyptian jasmine and the richness of orris butter, taken from the iris plant, prized in Egypt since the time of cleopatra and delicate rose to celebrate the opulent halls of the Egyptian palace. This romantic pair of perfumes draws you in, inviting you to fall deeply and intoxicatingly in love. An embodiment of the love between Marc Antony and Cleopatra.