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Amber is a diverse fragrance family, and this rich and warming combination of ingredients has a powerful energy that is believed to evoke both sensual pleasure and ancient wisdom.

With its unmistakable sensual and comforting warmth, wearing an amber perfume is like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket, or your most delicate cashmere sweater. Not surprisingly, amber notes are usually found in the base of the best winter perfumes.

In the world of perfumery, "amber" is actually not a unique ingredient, but it's the name given to a fragrance accord, often built up of resinous ingredients like benzoin, vanilla and tonka bean. The scent of amber is rich and powerful, adding depth and fullness to a fragrance.

Each master perfumer may give a different interpretation to this combination of ingredients, resulting in distinct types of amber notes. For example, a combination with more focus on precious resins may result in an amber oriental perfume, whilst more focus on vanilla may result in more feminine and sweeter gourmand fragrances.

At Clive Christian, our use of amber includes exclusive blends of vanilla, labdanum and benzoin. However, Clive Christian uses a range of other resinous elements in our fragrant accords, as we as a house believe in giving the ultimate luxury experience with our incredible concentrations. So, our exquisite fragrances are created by adding extra details, using the additional notes to add further depth and complexity to our scents.

Warming, sensual notes of amber can be found in the delicate and sophisticated Crab Apple Blossom perfume from The Crown Collection. Crab Apple Blossom makes the perfect choice for a sensual and subtle style, with delicate florals laced with creamy notes of sandalwood and rich amber in its base.

Noble VII Rock Rose is another exquisite Clive Christian perfume embracing the comforting notes of amber in a leather fougere scent. Complex and intriguing, the scent of Rock Rose is outstandingly fresh. A perfume reminiscent of a fresh garden at dawn with dew-soaked grass and slow growing flowers, this versatile scent can be worn all year around.


If you are looking for something truly unique and distinctive, No1 Masculine Edition would be a perfect choice. This oriental perfume combines precious 50-year-old Indian sandalwood with tonka bean enhanced by the deep, rich textures of golden amber and Madagascan vanilla for a rich and opulent feel of a warm embrace and a balmy glow.

Another refreshing option, amongst masculine fragrances with amber, is the 1872 Masculine Edition. This perfume will transport you to a quintessentially British woodland with its woody notes and fresh green resins. Combined with energising citrus notes of petitgrain and bergamot this olfactory composition gives vitality and strength to its wearer, whilst mysterious cedarwood, amber and musk transports you to the heart of the forest.

Sensual accords of amber can also be found in most perfumes from our Private Collection, a collection of fragrances exploring olfactory notes from woody leathers to floral chypres and into gourmande orientals.

C Woody Leather leaves a seductive smokiness on the skin thanks to its base of enigmatic tobacco combined with rich notes of leather and amber. Blended with a heart of saffron and orris, this perfume settles into a beautifully balanced scent, with an uplifting first impression from the sweet freshness of mandarin.

V Amber Fougere lifts the warming tones of amber in a crisp fougere perfume. A rich combination of peppery notes gives a lively main character to this fragrance, whilst frankincense forms a rich base combined with smoky vetiver and dry ambers for an immersive scent experience with depth and warmth.

You can also experience the delectable versatility of amber notes in a selection of our Addictive Arts perfumes. Jump Up and Kiss Me Hedonistic is an intoxicating amber oriental perfume where the sensual tones of amber flourish through a complex base, whilst the Ecstatic version of the pair provides heady and uplifting floral tones from delicate white florals laced with a warm amber and creamy sandalwood.