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Smelling good has a number of positive effects on your brain and that of others around you - from enhancing your mood to boosting your confidence, and of course to simply feel and smell divine. The right fragrance allows us to express ourselves in more ways than one, and a true perfume connoisseur will even use different perfumes for various occasions.

Clive Christian perfumes are made with consciousness and opulence in mind, from resourcing the most exquisite and rare ingredients from sustainable sources to composing them into a perfume concentration of 20% – 25% to ensure the most complex perfume journey and longevity. This concentration makes Clive Christian superior in terms of quality and allows the wearer to experience a composition of delightful notes throughout a life span of at least 8 hours.

As we enter the warm summer months, we would like to spritz some perfume hacks and knowledge your way, to indulge you with some of our best tips on how to make your perfume last longer and extend the lifetime of your perfume even further, so that it lasts all day. Read on to discover our top tips, perfectly suited for a sunny day with the delightful notes of your Clive Christian perfume lingering on your skin.


When trying to make your perfume last longer, it's not only about the how but also the where. To make scents last longer on your skin, you should target your pulse points. Perfume reacts to heat – by applying it to your pulse points, you can help ensure the steady release of the delicate notes throughout the day. Apply perfume on your skin at the main pulse points, the inside of your wrist, on the neck, behind the ear, inner elbows and behind your knees and ankles.


Along with the how and the where, comes the when – picking the right time for application is crucial. For best results, apply your perfume right after you shower as the moisture on your skin will help lock in the rich scent. An advice is to wait a few minutes for the perfume to dry, to avoid the precious notes rubbing off on your clothes when you get dressed. Why not try and see if you can identify the notes that come to you first while letting the scent fall into place on your skin?


Moisturising before applying perfume is a great way to make perfume last longer into the day. Make sure you rub on an unscented moisturiser before spritzing so it does not conflict with the scent. Oily skin will retain fragrance for much longer, so using an oil-based moisturiser will yield the best results.

Another tip is to apply petroleum jelly onto your pulse points before application. Similar to a moisturiser, this will hold onto the fragrance for longer, compared to applying perfume directly to dry skin.


Perfume notes may be a familiar subject to a few but to truly unravel the mystery of your perfume's structure and diverse range of ingredients can appear a daunting task. Even a basic knowledge of perfume notes will allow you to better understand how the various elements of a fragrance and its ingredients come to life and dissipate on the skin throughout the day.

A perfume's build is illustrated in what is known as a Fragrance Pyramid, where the perfume notes are divided into three components: top notes, heart notes, and base notes. In essence, these refer to:

Top Notes: This can be described as the first impression of a perfume, and the first scent you smell after application. This note fades the quickest and is the first one to leave your skin after you spritz.

Heart Notes: Heart notes (or middle notes) form the heart of your perfume and form the main character of the perfume. This is the scent you will smell after the perfume has settled on your skin after a few hours of wear.

Base Notes: Base notes form the foundation on which the entire perfume is built, providing the last impression of the scent which lasts the longest during the day.


There are many different types of perfume. Some you may have previously come across include Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. These terms refer to concentration and indicates the amount of pure perfume oil within a fragrance. Generally, the higher the perfume concentration, the greater the longevity on the skin – knowing exactly which perfume to buy will help your fragrance last longer.

Parfum, also known as Pure Perfume or Extrait de Parfum, boasts the highest fragrance concentration. A fragrance that is classified as Parfum has a concentration between 20% to 40% and will last for at least 8 hours on your skin. If your skin is hydrated, it may even last beyond 12 hours. At Clive Christian, all our perfumes are classified as Parfum and all boast a perfume concentration of over 20%.

Our Absolute Collection is the epitome of what it is to be absolutely extraordinary, containing 100% pure perfume oil – the most concentrated form of fragrance with incomparable body, depth and longevity. Each Absolute perfume takes the key focus notes from both pairs of the Original Collection to create one beautiful perfume oil.


One commonly practiced technique is to rub your wrists together after you apply your perfume. Contrary to popular belief, this can be detrimental to its longevity. Friction causes the top notes to fade faster meaning that fresh first impression will not last as long. In addition, rubbing your wrists together might alter the molecules of the perfume and may result in the fragrance smelling differently, as you crush the notes. Instead, leave your wrists to dry after application and let your skin lock in the delicate aroma naturally.


Another common notion is that spraying your perfume into the air and walking through it is an effective way of increasing its coverage. It might be a pleasant experience the moment you do so, but unfortunately it is a misconception that results in a short-lived scent and a waste of your favourite fragrance. For an effective midday boost, a direct spritz onto your skin is superior to misting and will ensure your perfume lasts longer into the day.


The type of perfume you use will greatly affect its longevity. When thinking about how to make your perfume last longer, treating yourself to a high-quality luxury perfume should be considered an investment. At Clive Christian, we source our ingredients from around the world and only choose ingredients of the very highest quality and purity. This ensures that every spray not only delivers a complex, ever evolving scent, but one that continues to deliver throughout the day.


Once you have mastered the knowledge and techniques required to elongate the life of your fragrance, those in the know understand that a simple re-application of your perfume of the day is always smart, go-to advice.

To ensure that you have the opportunity to bring your Clive Christian perfume wherever you go, we have curated travel size perfumes of some of our most loved scents. The perfect accessory for on-the-go perfumed moments, giving you the freedom to carry around your favourite fragrance in any purse, wallet or bag.