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As the days and nights continue to warm, your favourite flowers blossom and the scent of the new season hangs in the air. The summer-infused breeze carries with it a warmer feel, and the fashions of the colder months are retired for another year. The summer of 2023 is at our doorstep – the ideal time to introduce refreshing and vibrant summer perfumes to your fragrance collection.

It's important to know how to choose a summer fragrance. While florals are always a popular choice, some can read as overwhelming against the high temperatures of summer months. Anything overly sweet is likewise best saved for autumn and winter. Embrace a fresher angle with citrus, woody, and aquatic fragrances that'll bring lightness and impressions of holiday locales.

Clive Christian's collection of summer scents are created with balance in mind. They're a careful marriage of sweet, fresh, and citrus notes aiming refresh energise and invigorate during the summer season


Explore our top women's summer perfumes, from light citrus tones that enliven the senses, to intense fruity bouquets with complex aromas that will last long into the summer evening.


1872 Feminine Edition is summer bottled, with elements of fruity citrus and florals dancing with crisp and clean notes. At once familiar and fresh, it's the anytime summer scent designed to please.

Opening with Bergamot, which delivers cascades of sunlight to every corner of this complex and sumptuous fragrance. In this summer perfume, citrus notes are interspersed with the sweet hints of tangerine and blueberry.

At the heart of the scent is Rose De Mai, a floral treasure that only blooms in the month of May – 170 rose heads are required to produce a single drop of pure oil. Forming a rich and sensuous middle, the soft and velvety rose petals are complemented by Lily of the Valley, Freesia, Jasmine and Orchid, composing a floral explosion.

The base is the characteristically musky and sweet Patchouli, lending a deep richness to the scent. Settling into aromatic notes of Amber and Rich Sandalwood, providing warm and earthy notes to scent's finish.


An ideal meeting of floral and oriental notes is inside every No 1 Feminine Edition bottle. Subtle and sophisticated with a smooth depth at once, the fruity top notes of Mirabelle plum, White Peach and Bergamot slowly and sensually unravel to reveal Jasmine, Carnation and a heart blooming with Rose. Housed in a luxurious gold exterior, the fragrance is 20% perfume concentration, lasting on the skin for hours on end.

A soft yet spicy top is introduced by the intensely fragrant Pimento berry, sitting in opulent and sublime harmony with plum, white peach, lemon and mandarin and iris for deeper and more sensuous notes in a fine veil of femininity.

Radiant Ylang-Ylang forms a sophisticated heart, together with iridescent hues of Rose, Osmanthus, Orchid and powdery Iris. Finally, Madagascan Vanilla grounds the florals in a rich cream infused with Musk, Amber, and the mellow Tonka Bean.


Matsukita takes its inspiration from the Far East for a fragrance with sensual and intoxicating nature, calling to be worn on summer dates. It effortlessly balances headiness with spice and zest, revealing carefully crafted layers as the hours go on.

An exquisite citrus top note is complimented by invigorating Pink Pepper and spicy Nutmeg. Found in the smoky heart is a double floral hit: Chinese Imperial Jasmine and Jasmine Sambac, enclosed with layers of Mate Tea and Guaiac Oil creating a harmonious woody heart, both sensual and elegant on the skin.

The base of rich Amber accentuates the sensual and mysterious finish of this unmistakable fragrance. With hints of Fir Balsam and Musk, it's complex and fresh right to the very end.


Clive Christian's collection of summer fragrances for men combine fresh, spicy, and herbaceous elements with rare ingredients and impeccable scent design.


1872 Masculine Edition has all the features of a classic cologne with the longevity of a perfume. This scent contains an earthy, woody, and green resin fusion to produce an invigorating and spicy effect. Though typically leaning towards the masculine side, it's beloved by men and women alike.

Opening notes of Petitgrain, the woody, fresh and green leaves from the bitter orange tree, bring an intensely sparkling top note to the scent. These bright and uplifting notes fuse softly with Grapefruit, Lime, Black Pepper and Coriander for an herbaceous impression, perfect for both day and night.

Clary Sage invigorates at the heart, further infused with Jasmine, Neroli and Musk to give vitality and strength to this summer scent. Notes of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Frankincense temper richer surface notes, transporting this summer fragrance to the quintessential English countryside.


No 1 Masculine Edition takes the wearer on a decadent journey. The base notes of precious 50-year-old Indian Sandalwood, powdery Musk and Vetiver add a rich warmth, enveloping the wearer in a balmy veil of fragrance, making this a richer pick for summer.

The gently herbaceous notes of Thyme are toasted under soft, golden flames of Nutmeg, summoning the spirit of the East while alluding to the rustic idyll of bygone England.

Cardamom, Nutmeg, Pimento and Artemisia Oil combine in a potent tonic that navigates the citrus notes of Bergamot, Lime, Sicilian Mandarin and Pink Grapefruit, lightening this summer fragrance to achieve a more refreshing finish.

Mellow Tonka Bean is fortified by the deep, rich textures of golden Amber, aged Sandalwood and Madagascan Vanilla, rounding off the fragrance with a touch of Musk.


X Masculine is alluring, spicy, enticing. It brings together Cinnamon, Orris, and Cardamom, which appeals to men and women at once.

Adding a distinctive aromatic character to a scent, Cardamom is one of the world's most ancient spices and one of the most expensive ingredients to be used in perfumery. Combined with fiery Ginger and zesty Bergamot, the opening of this scent is all about excitement.

Orris butter is derived from the root of the velvety Iris flower and opens to create the creamy and warm heart in this atmospheric fragrance. A symbol of strength, this ingredient gives X Masculine a roaring burst of richness and depth.

Earthy Oakmoss is complemented by woody notes of Vetiver and sensual Amber, grounding this exquisite scent in a warm woody base.


VIII Immortelle is timeless yet bright – a spicy Fougere – taking inspiration from the Immortelle flower and the decadence of the Rococo period. The fragrance is unapologetically rich in nature, though a lightness of touch remains with freshness and zest to start.

Fresh and reviving Bergamot opens the fragrance before transitioning to a heart of Immortelle flower. Radiant and floral, it brings a bright touch. The Papyrus base is unusual in its offering of sweetness and salinity, revealing a dry woody nature – it's calming and refreshing for summer evenings and days.


Every spritz of Crab Apple Blossom instantly transports one to the Mediterranean seaside with an aquatic and citrusy composition that's like a drink of water on a scorching day.

A fruity floral character is revealed in the heart as it's offset against modern notes of tart Green Rhubarb and a fresh Mint and Sugar accord. It settles into a base of creamy Sandalwood and aquatically aromatic Driftwood. A potent concentration of 25% makes this a lasting scent that trails on the skin like blossoming branches in the bright sun.

Exotic citrus is accompanied by energetic Apple Blossom for a first impression bursting with summery notes that transitions into welcome sharpness before drying down to the aromatic Driftwood, which brings out notes of oceanic woods. It leaves an impression that's fresh, energising, and soft.

Use the summer fragrance inspiration to find the scent that'll accompany your adventures for the warm season ahead.